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Michael Jai White vs Scott Adkins


The four couples, who are also best friends, converge on a house in the mountains for a week-long retreat that has become their ritual of sorts to help work out their marital problems and ask the question Why did I get married?.

Though the couples have committed to being physically present for the week, some of them have not been emotionally present in their respective marriages for quite some time.

The week is not planned out in a well-programmed sequence, so the events unfold somewhat spontaneously,

beginning with their adventures in getting up to the mountain retreat.

The first couple, over-worked Dianne and over-ignored Terry,

drive up together and argue most of the way because Dianne (a lawyer) refuses to leave her job at the office.

She takes calls on her

BlackBerry or makes calls instead of talking to Terry.

The second couple, over-the-top Angela and over-Angelad Marcus, take the train.

Angela constantly argues with Marcus and anyone who dares to interrupt them.

The third couple is overweight Sheila and over-Sheila Mike.

Sheila is made to deplane because of her weight and the requirement to purchase two seats and drive the long distance in the snow,

while her husband Mike continues on the flight with Sheilas single friend, Trina.

The fourth couple is overly-perfect Patricia and depressed Gavin who arrive by limo cab.