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Michael Jai White Blood And BONE BEST OF BONE!


Michael Jai White’s versatility as an actor has garnered him success in both

TV and film.

Before being bitten by the acting bug,

Michael became a junior high school teacher and

spent three years teaching

Faced with the difficult decision to leave teaching,

he chose to relocate in 1992 to Los Angeles

Michaels first major starring role and breakout performance was in the

1995 HBO film Tyson, as heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson.

Since then,

Michael has enjoyed mainstream success while delivering stellar performances on and off screen.

He has been doing voiceover work,

including Static Shock and the Justice League.

When he’s not on the big screen,

fans can enjoy tuning into Michael as he plays

Marcus Williams on the TBS/OWN comedy-­drama

television series Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.